The Current State of Dystopia

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The Current State of Dystopia

Postby 01010 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:16 am


I've recently re-fallen in love with Cyberpunk (After reading The Sprawl Trilogy and Burning Chrome) and the urge to play the game has spiked considerably. I was daydreaming (at work, haha) of a perfect cyberpunk Multiplayer/MMO-style game and my thoughts inevitably drifted to the obvious #1 Cyberpunk game, Dystopia. It's been ages since I logged into the forums or really even tried to play so I decided to check it out. I am not really in a position (at work) to be able to check IRC or Steam so I figured I'd post.

I'm wondering if there is any player activity in-game, and if so, where players meet to talk. It's pretty upsettingly obvious nobody posts much on the forums, is IRC about as empty? Steam groups? Teamspeak?

Basically, I'm really trying to get into some Dystopia. If you ask me, most games just suck, and I'm stuck in such a damn nostalgia rut that I can't escape. All the things I want to play/do are either ghost towns or already lost to time. I find it so hard to get into video gaming these days, but unfortunately I think it's a product of growing up, not the lack of games to play.
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