[WIP] Duel_Waystation, FFA_Waystation

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[WIP] Duel_Waystation, FFA_Waystation

Postby Horazon » Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:34 pm

The first of a possible three maps designed to conceptualize the afterlife for warriors and warrior priests. This is the Waystation where the souls of the dead first appear after death. The central area, Charon's Hall, function as the hub. Branching from this area is Valhalla and Shambala. Valhalla is the gate for warriors, and will conceptually lead to map Tartarus. Shambala is the gate for warrior priests, and will conceptually lead to the Elysium map.

Because the setting for these maps is the afterlife I have chosen to use a muted color pallet combined with a minimal use of props, as you can well see. It's an artistic style I've been experimenting with for a few months, and I love it. I hope you do too.

1) These images make the map look a lot darker than it actually is.
2) This is a beta version of the map. The first beta as a matter of fact.
2.5) Both the Duel and FFA beta version are available for download online to the developers, community mappers, and any thrill seekers wishing to take a look. Please send me a message here, or preferably on Steam. My steam ID is jcweiss87... I think. Just look up Horazon OR Sam Colt if the Steam ID doesn't work out.

* All arena and future map names are tentative.
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