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Just a Suggestion

Postby PanzerSoul » Tue May 13, 2014 11:57 pm

I've recently started playing Blade Symphony (great game, btw), and immediately I realized something:

Notes are completely worthless.

On the very first day, I browsed the workshop, and already I have all the swords and masks that I could ever need.

This system of community made items/skins reminds me of another game with a similar system, and I was wondering if it could be implemented.

In that game, players could create skins for chars in a similar way to Blade Symphony, but the differences are:

1) You need to pay credits (notes, in Blade Symphony) in order to get a "license" to equip the skin. For example, you'll need to purchase a "Custom Sword license" to equip a community made sword, and a mask one for masks, weapon trails, etc.

2) Also, the biggest factor; Players can sell their creations to other players for them to use. Once sold, the original owner will be "Honorbound" (although players caught violating these rules will be reported, it is quite difficult to catch them) not to use it himself, or to sell it again to another person. The person who bought it will have the "rights" to that creation, and can re-sell i to someone else, with the same restrictions. In other words, there can only be one copy of a community made creation being circulated at any one time.

These transactions are normally carried out on the forum "Marketplace" in order to keep an official record and track the movements of each creation.

Not only will this stimulate community creation growth, it will give them notes a purpose other than to purchase skins that you could otherwise get for free.
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