Support Status

Month to date: $0
Monthly Costs: $125


Puny Human Appreciation Network (PHAN Club)

Maintaining free stuff is no cheap deal. The free games that are worked on in our spare time, Blade Symphony and Dystopia, rely on your support! Your kind donations help make sure that we can provide an informative website to nurture our community and operate the associated services with little downtime.


By donating below, you agree that your money is never guaranteed or promised to be reimbursed, and that you may not get anything in return. Remember, this is a donation, we are not obligated to give anything in return, but we love to reward those that make a minimum $10 donation!

We're not accepting donations right now while we work up some new things.

Stuff that costs money

The developers are not given any donation money. Instead, the donations pay for:

  1. The server that hosts the Puny Human, Dystopia and Blade Symphony websites.
  2. The Dystopia and Blade Symphony stats systems, which talk to the game servers.
  3. The dedicated game server for our developers and testers to identify and fix bugs.
  4. Bandwidth costs to allow large amounts of visitors every month and host release packages.
  5. Domain registry.
  6. Business and legal work required to protect these games.

How we thank those that donate $10 or more

We provide some small perks to all of those that have helped us, by donating $10 USD or more:

  1. A special in-game icon next to your name in Dystopia and on your Dystopia Stats profile.
  2. A special PHAN Club member badge on the Puny Human forums.
  3. Access to the private PHAN Club forum, containing exclusive work-in-progress content.
  4. Access to the private PHAN Club only IRC channel, where PHANS gather and can interact.
  5. Special features on the Dystopia Stats system like extra graphs and heatmaps.

In the past, we have also given surprise treats to those who donate, such as:

  • In February 2011 all donators got instant access to the Blade Symphony open beta.
  • In May 2010 we did it once more with our last large Dystopia update, 1.30.
  • In September 2008 we did the same thing with another Dystopia update, version 1.20
  • In January 2007 we rewarded donators with early access to a Dystopia update, version 1.00.

Please know early access to free content is not something offered all the time and is only a periodic reward to donators.