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Looking for a Clan.

Starting a new clan? Want strategies and tips for playing better?

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Looking for a Clan.

Postby Simskiller » Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:44 am

And using Urinal Cake's form here you go:

1. Callsign/Nickname Simskiller, First name Christopher, age 19
2. Past clans: None.
3. Any organizations that you participate in, inside the Dystopia community. (AusDystopia, Playtester, DGL) : I PuG when I can, if you count the PuG group as an organization.
4. Your physical location: Manitoba, Canada.

5. Your skills as a Dystopia player, this is key. What class you prefer, weapons you prefer, what role you are good at filling (Stealth, Support, Hacker, etc)

And going to copy and paste from DGL: "I'm looking for a North American team, I play Light Shotgun, Medium AR GL Tesla, or Heavy Minigun and I am good at decking." Forgot to add that it's Stealth shotgun. and that I use the nazi combo.

6. Where someone can reach you besides the forums: On my steam profile, link:

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