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Get Blade Symphony Early Access on Steam

We're quite excited to announce that Blade Symphony is available for Early Access on Steam. Check out the Blade Symphony Steam store page! There's also a new/updated trailer video on the page.

Now accepting pre-orders

Last weekend we started accepting pre-orders through our website. We also shared about Blade Symphony on reddit and other social media sites and forums and gave out 500 keys as part of a pre-order launch celebration. To make it a bit more fun than just a key grab, you had to answer a trivia question about Blade Symphony or Puny Human before you could claim a key.

This past week we've seen duels happening 24 hours a day, with a peak of almost 60 simultaneous players! If you got tired of beating up on your friend, there's probably someone new for you to fight every day.

If you missed out on this Kickstarter, or you have a friend who missed out, you can pre-order Blade Symphony and start playing the beta now.

This weeks show & tell! (12/01/2013)

Hey guys here's this weeks show & tell

tl;dw : Masks, Skins, Scabbards, Backend

First Show & Tell of the year!

heres this weeks show & tell

This week we have a fairly full load of stuff to show you guys, check it out

Show & Tell & a little more

Hey guys,
Here's the last Show & Tell for the year!

Hope you all have had/are having amazing holidays, and we'll see you in the new year!

Oh and some information, how about.... Playable beta is coming q1 2013!

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